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Alat Ukur dan instrumen ICP ( Induction Coupled Plasma )
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Specification of

Avio’s unique hardware features include:

  • RF generator with Flat Plate™ plasma technology generates a robust, matrix-tolerant plasma using half the argon of other systems;
  • Dual View capability measures every wavelength with no loss of light or sensitivity;
  • Full-wavelength-range CCD array detector measures the wavelength range around the emission line of interest—simultaneously—for superior precision.

The smallest ICP on the market, the Avio 200 offers efficient operation, reliable data, and low cost of ownership by delivering:

  • The lowest argon consumption of any ICP: only 9 L/min, compared to 21 L/min required by other systems
  • The fastest ICP startup: spectrometer ready in just 10 minutes from power on
  • Superior sensitivity and resolution for all elements of interest
  • Extended linear range

And for added flexibility, the Avio 200 is available in two configurations, so that you can choose the nebulizers and spray chambers best suited for your applications: Scott/Cross Flow or Cyclonic/Meinhard®

Plus, Avio 200's unprecedented performance comes with unparalleled ease-of-use. Its unique hardware features combine with the industry's most intuitive software to make multi-element measurements as easy as single-element analyses. Syngistix™ for ICP Software provides:

  • Left-to-right, workflow-based design
  • Built-in, preset methods for faster, easier operation, requiring minimal training
  • Extensive quality control options, including QC Charting

And now, Built-in Radian™ Remote Monitoring Service is available with Syngistix for ICP software v 4.0 or higher, which provides real-time monitoring of your Avio 200 ICP-OES system’s diagnostic parameters, enhancing laboratory productivity.

Alat Ukur dan instrumen ICP ( Inductively Coupled Plasma)

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