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Falling Ball Viscometer Brookfield
Falling Ball Viscometer Brookfield
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Specification of Falling Ball Viscometer Brookfield

Falling Ball Viscometer Brookfield is a laboratory instrument used to review Sales manager measure viscosity. Batavialab - PT. Mitra Inti Universe Sells Falling Ball Viscometer Brookfield for review meets the requirement Andari laboratory. The following product reviews.

Höppler principle is used to measure the viscosity of Newtonian liquids by measuring the time it takes for the ball to fall under gravity through the full sample tubes are inclined at an angle. The average time taken three tests; the result is converted into viscosity values ​​using a simple formula.
Two models are available:
KF30 has a fixed angle of 80 ° and in accordance with DIN 53015
KF40 can be angled at 50 °, 60 °, 70 ° and 80 °.
Features and benefits
• Pivot bearing allows for quick and easy tube rotation - ideal for retest
• Connection to a circulating bath to control sample temperature
• Set of six balls to test various samples
• Complete with temperature probe
• Accuracy of 0.5% to 2.0% depending on the ball used

• Drinks
• Coatings
• Cosmetics
• Detergents
• Food
• Paint
• Oil Products
• Pharmacy
• Polymer
• Bath soap

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