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Furnace JFF2000 Neytech
Furnace JFF2000 Neytech
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06 Dec 2019
United States
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The Neycraft JFF-2000 fiber furnace has an efficient muffle chamber embedded with heating elements.  This design uses less energy than conventional firebrick kilns, and is also better insulated, so energy is not wasted heating up your workshop. This model has the most basic type of temperature control-a stepless infinite control which sets power from hi to low.  What that means is that you need to monitor the temperature via the easy to read pyrometer (temperature gauge) to set your temperature.  This basic burnout oven does not have a set-point control, the type of temperature control that you find on your kitchen oven.  Other models made by Neycraft have programmers that allow you to set a precise temperature, and we also have other brands with set point controls. You may want to use this oven with a stand alone programmer that you can set precise temperatures with, or be prepared to closely adjust the power to set your temperatures during use.

Chamber Size 9"W X 9"D X 6-1/2"H

• Ideal for wax burnout, enameling and heat treating.
• Lightweight, one-piece molded heating chamber
• Heats to 1000F(538C) in 15 minutes, Max. operating temp. 2012F(1100C)
• Large chamber, 9"W x 6.5"H x 9"D
• Holds fifteen-2" x 3" or four-4" x 6" solid flasks
• Holds two-3-3/8" x 4" perforated flasks
• Outside measurements 15-1/4" W x 15-1/4" D x 16-1/2" H
• Simple dial power control

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