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Mercury Analyzer Buck 410

Rp. 230,000,000
Last Updated
21 Sep 2021
Minimum Order
1 unit

Specification of Mercury Analyzer Buck 410

• Unique automatic D2 background correction maximizes accuracy
• Detection limits down to 10 parts per trillion (ppt)
• Sensitive, economical instrument for environmental testing
• Requires Carrier gas of Argon, Nitrogen, or Lab Grade "Zero" Air at 30 LPM, 50 psi (sold separately) — may use applicable gas canisters, generators, or compressors
This dedicated analyzer enables precise mercury analysis for a variety of applications. Analyze trace Hg levels in water samples and related eco-system impacts. Established water methods based on Hatch and Ott Cold Vapor Technique — including drinking, surface, saline, and domestic and industrial waste water testing.

The mercury analyzer combines several high-performing instruments to achieve superb detection limits with minimal interferences in a user-friendly platform. Following sample preparation, reduced Hg° vapor is sparged into a long-path 400mm absorption flowcell. User-adjustable parameters include gas flows, lamp currents, and integration times. Absorbance is measured as a function of time and automatically integrated using on-board software. Use up to eight calibration points for mercury quantification.

Background correction is accomplished by acquiring rapidly alternating deuterium light absorbances interspersed with 253.7nm hollow cathode lamp readings. The resultant D2 baseline of non-Hg signals from organic vapors and other interferences is precisely subtracted out to maximize mercury reading accuracy.

Calibration and sample data are displayed on a backlit LCD, with outputs to printer via parallel port, to recorder, and to computer using RS-232. Push the Quick-Purge button to flush residual Hg vapor to an internal trap and ready analyzer for next sample.

The 410 Mercury Analyzer should be maintained at temperatures from 10 to 32°C (50 - 90°F), and relative humidity of 30% to 80%.

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