Measuring Microscope LMU Nikon
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23 Mar 2017
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Specification of Measuring Microscope LMU Nikon

Nikon LMU Models High Power Magnification 3-Axis Z-Motorized Model

The motorized system satisfies digital image capture and data storage requirements. In

combination with the motorized universal epi-illuminator, it is possible to set and reproduce

illumination optimized for a selected observation method and/or objective lens. Focusing and

objective changeover can be electrically performed with the illumination & AF controller.


A Wide Choice of Illuminators

A new lineup of motorized universal illuminators is available

in addition to manual types. A white LED illuminator is

available for brightfield use. Users can choose either a 12V-

50W halogen or a white LED light source according to

observation purpose and workpiece.

LV-U EPI Universal Epi-Illuminator

This universal epi-illuminator enables brightfield, darkfield, simple

polarizing, and DIC observations. The illuminator automatically

opens the field and aperture diaphragms when switching

observation from brightfield to darkfield. When returning to

brightfield, the previous field and aperture conditions are

automatically restored.

LV-U EPI2 Universal Epi-Illuminator

In addition to brightfield, darkfield, simple polarizing, and DIC, this

illuminator enables epi-fluorescence observation. The illuminator

automatically sets optimum illumination through linkage to the

shutter, field and aperture diaphragms.

This minimizes the complexity of operating a measuring

microscope, allowing the user to concentrate on the observation.

LV-U EPI2A Motorized Epi-Illuminator

With the LV-U EPI2A, the illumination changeover turret, the

aperture diaphragm and the illumination voltage control have been

motorized, allowing optimum image capture conditions. The

aperture diaphragm is automatically optimized through linkage with

objective and observation. Also, illumination parameters can be

arbitrarily changed according to observation purpose and

workpiece. When loaded on the LM type measuring microscope,

the illuminator can be controlled from the microscope operation

panel or a connected PC. When the illumination & AF controller is

used, the microscope can be controlled externally from a PC.

LV-U EPI FA Universal Epi-Illuminator Focusing Aid

This universal epi-illuminator is equipped with an optical split

image prism Focusing Aid (FA) mechanism to provide greater

accuracy in Z-axis measurements.

LV-EPI LED White LED Illuminator

The LV-EPI LED is a light, compact white LED illuminator

exclusively designed for brightfield use. The white LED maintains

constant color temperature to prevent any adverse effects on

measurement. External control is possible either with the attached

power supply controller or the illumination & AF controller.

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