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Refractometer Anton Paar Abbemat 3000
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Specification of Refractometer Anton Paar Abbemat 3000

Abbemat refractometers combine efficiency
and decades of experience in refractive index
measurement – and will make your everyday
working life much more convenient.
In your daily laboratory routine, you handle many
tasks and responsibilities. Complicated worksteps or
equipment that clutters valuable workspace are not
welcome. That is why Abbemat 3000, 3100, and 3200
refractometers are your solution. Whether you work in
the beverage, food, chemicals, or fragrances industry,
they give you exactly the functions you need without
taking up much of your space or time – or your money.
How? Because of our experience. Anton Paar’s range
of Abbemat refractometers embodies over 40 years of
technical expertise. Careful engineering evolved into
high-precision technologies that deliver reliable results.
However, we believe that quality exceeds the race
for digits. What counts is what you need: convenient
operation as well as fast and precise results. That’s
why the Abbemat 3000, 3100, and 3200 refractometers
combine the best of both worlds – high-level
technology and easy handling.
Your benefit: premium technology, wrapped

Refractometer Anton Paar Abbemat



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