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Viscosity measurement  – From single point up to complex rheological tests

The RheolabQC rotational rheometer measures the dynamic viscosity of low-viscosity up to semi-solid samples. Besides single-point determinations, flow curves and viscosity curves can be performed to study the sample’s rheological behavior: Simply evaluate with RheolabQC whether your sample is ideally viscous (Newtonian), shear-thinning (pseudoplastic) or even shear-thickening (dilatant). Yield point determinations, thixotropy, and temperature tests provide important insight into the sample’s behavior. Users can choose between controlled shear rate (CSR) and controlled shear stress (CSS) settings. Very fast speed and torque changes (within ms) are possible thanks to the powerful, highly dynamic EC motor drive.

A broad variety of measuring systems and accessories for a multitude of applications

In order to cover many different applications, a wide range of measuring systems and accessories are available for RheolabQC:

  • Concentric cylinder measuring systems (according to DIN EN ISO 3219 and DIN 53019): 
    For viscous liquids up to viscoelastic liquids (from low-viscosity samples up to semi-solid samples like creams)
  • Double-gap measuring system (according to DIN 54453):
    For samples with a low viscosity (<100 mPa.s)
  • Vane geometries and spindles:
    For samples that contain particles (>0.1 mm) or tend to sedimentate (like dispersions)
  • Krebs spindles (According to ASTM D562):
    Especially for our customers in the paint, building, and mining industries who measure viscosity in Krebs units
  • Flexible cup holder: 
    To directly immerse a measuring bob into a sample container, for example an aluminum can (paints, coatings) or a 500 mL beaker
  • Ball measuring system: 
    For samples with larger particles such as building materials (cement, concrete, plaster, or food products like yogurt or jam with fruit bits)



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