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Titrator Karl Fischer KFV
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Specification of Titrator Karl Fischer KFV

Easy KFV Titrator

Water Determination Made Easy

This versatile titrator is suitable for a range of determinations

making it ideal for simple titrations of most

sample types. The simple ‘App’ style user interface

reduces training time while increasing work speed and

simplicity. iTitrate Intelligence’s guided set-up assists

in method programming to ensure samples are tested

consistently, regardless of operator, and with minimal

effort. Eliminate manual calculations and documentation

with a printer or EasyDirect™ Titration PC Software.

Features of the Easy KFV Titrator include:

• Tests water in the range from 100 ppm to 100%.

• Simple and automatic titrant standardizations.

• Injection port for syringes and pipetted liquid


• Handy weighing/carrying spoon for easy and

spill-free solid sample introduction.

Water Determination Made Easy

Karl Fischer determination is the benchmark

for water content analysis. The

Easy KFV titrates for water content in a

wide variety of samples from any


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