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Ultrasonic homogenizer UP100H
Ultrasonic homogenizer UP100H
Ultrasonic homogenizer UP100H
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05 Jun 2020
1 Kilogram (kg)
IDR 444

Specification of

UP100H - Compact Ultrasonic Laboratory Device is a common laboratory tool used to homogenise samples that require excellent mixing of two or more materials that are difficult mixed homogeneous. Batavialab - PT. Partners can supply the core universe Ultrasonic homogenizer UP100H for your laboratory needs. Here ulasaln products.

The ultrasonic processor UP100H (100W, 30kHz) is the perfect device for the sonication of small and medium size lab samples.

• Sample preparation,
• Emulsifying,
• Dispersing,
• Dissolving and
• Cell disruption
• Degassing
• Nano-materials
• Homogenizing
At 1.1kg, it is lightweight in the hand.

For further information please contact Batavialab - PT. Mitra Batavia Semesta

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